Welcome to South Yorkshire Wheels2Work

We loan scooters to people who live in South Yorkshire and have difficulties getting to work, training or college due to a lack of suitable public transport. Lease fees are £80 a month and include all the training and equipment you need to get on the road. We also provide comprehensive insurance and a full maintenance package.

Are you eligible for a scooter?

If you can answer yes to the following questions you pass our entry criteria and we may be able to loan you a scooter:

I live in South Yorkshire.

I am at least 16 years old.

There’s no suitable public transport for my journey.

I have a firm offer of work, training or a college place OR...

I am already in work, training or college but I’m struggling to get there.



We have helped over 750 people get to work, training or college over the past 3 years! 95% of them were highly satisfied or satisfied with the support received.

Getting a scooter was very important to me. There were just no buses that could have got me to work on time and having been out of work for over a year, I was desperate to accept the job."