South Yorkshire Wheels2Work Scooters & Equipment

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You will be loaned all of this equipment when you join our scooter scheme!

Petrol scooter 50cc

Our 50cc petrol scooters are lighter than the 125cc scooters, have a 2 stroke engine and can achieve around 80 miles a gallon.  Each scooter has ample storage space under the seat. We occasionally have second-hand 50cc scooters for sale.


Petrol scooter 125cc

We have a good supply of 125cc petrol scooters for riders that have long journeys to work, training or college.  These scooters can achieve around 80 miles a gallon and are quick enough for travel on major roads.  The scooters have ample storage space under the seat.  We occasionally have second-hand 125cc scooters for sale.